The Blake man is young, funky, isn’t afraid to wear something on his head and knows how the right accessories can complete an outfit.

Having been operating since 1995, Blake is a men’s headwear and accessories range that gives a slight nod to classic looks, while blowing them out of the water with on-trend colours, new and exciting styles and edgy modern silhouettes.

By injecting a bit of attitude into the wardrobe of fashion-forward and stylish young men, Blake is a Melbourne-based menswear label that caters to the accessories and needs of Australian men, the country over.

With seasonal must-haves, trendy men’s hats and edgy but timeless accessories such as cufflinks, scarves, pocket squares, braces and ties, Blake is a constantly on-trend and in-demand label for the young men of today.

Headwear products range from the timeless fedora to the cowboy hat, the trendy flat cap and everything in-between, allowing Blake to cater for the style conscious man who’s not afraid to complete an outfit with a unique finishing touch.