Fiona Powell

An air of sophistication and elegance, the Fiona Powell brand is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to quality headwear and accessories for the higher end fashion and style-savvy consumer.

One of the most unique and high-quality fabricated brands in headwear and fashion accessories, Fiona Powell represents the best of what race and evening accessories have to offer.

Designed and hand-made in Melbourne, the Fiona Powell summer range features stylish and above all, unique fascinators and head pieces in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, perfect for any race day outfit or evening event.

Having made some of the most bold debuts in race day fashion competitions atop the heads of some of Australia’s most noted celebrities, Fiona Powell has showcased millinery designs since 1991.

Using traditional millinery techniques, the Fiona Powell products are created with tight-knit weaving, quality straw, lace and embellishments and modelled to a variety of elegantly stylish aesthetics, making the Fiona Powell collection perfect for any glamorous occasion.

Scarves, felt hats and racing styles are all showcased in the Fiona Powell winter collection, providing both warmth and glamour during the cooler months.

Fiona Powell works tirelessly to create pieces that are on-trend with seasonal colours and styles to ensure the Fiona Powell wearer stands-out from the crowd.