An air of sophistication and elegance, the Fiona Powell brand is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to quality headwear and accessories for the higher end fashion and style-savvy consumer.

One of the most unique and high-quality fabricated brands in headwear and fashion accessories, Fiona Powell represents the best of what race and evening accessories have to offer.

Designed and hand-made in Melbourne, the Fiona Powell summer range features stylish and above all, unique fascinators and head pieces in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, perfect for any race day outfit or evening event.

Having made some of the most bold debuts in race day fashion competitions atop the heads of some of Australia’s most noted celebrities, Fiona Powell has showcased millinery designs since 1991.

Using traditional millinery techniques, the Fiona Powell products are created with tight-knit weaving, quality straw, lace and embellishments and modelled to a variety of elegantly stylish aesthetics, making the Fiona Powell collection perfect for any glamorous occasion.

Scarves, felt hats and racing styles are all showcased in the Fiona Powell winter collection, providing both warmth and glamour during the cooler months.

Fiona Powell works tirelessly to create pieces that are on-trend with seasonal colours and styles to ensure the Fiona Powell wearer stands-out from the crowd.


Morgan & Taylor is for the discerning accessories lover, who commands style and exuberance through the pieces she adds to her outfit.

Based in Melbourne and having been in operation since 2004, the Morgan & Taylor name is synonymous with affordable headwear and accessories of the highest quality for special occasions and the day-to-day.

With new ranges of accessories introduced each turn-of-the-season, Morgan & Taylor caters to a wide variety of Australian’s needs for the warmer and cooler months.

The spring-summer season sees classics such as wide-brimmed floppy hats, cloche hats, fascinators, beach bags and beach hats adorn the heads of women around Australia, while the cooler autumn-winter months make way for evening bags, gloves, scarves, and even winter beanies.

Morgan & Taylor is one of Australia’s oldest and most relied-upon providers of top-quality accessories for the seasons all year-round.

Each year, accessories from the Morgan & Taylor range are showcased on the heads of many Australians and celebrities at Melbourne’s annual spring racing carnival; one of the busiest times of year for the brand.

While the sun is away and warmth is on the forefront of fashionista’s minds, the Morgan & Taylor brand offers a wide and practical range winter products. Felt hats in cloches, floppy hats and fedoras; woollen pull-ons such as beanies and berets and a cosy selection of accompanying scarves, gloves and arm warmers all make-up the Morgan & Taylor winter offering for the more style conscious warmth-chaser.

The Morgan & Taylor designers come from years of experience within the fashion and millinery industries where their work has seen great success. With their extensive up-to-date knowledge, they provide Morgan & Taylor with the perfect and most stylish accessories for each season and for all occasions.

Their work is split into three distinct and stylish categories:

Morgan & Taylor race wear: affordable, stylish and fashion-forward headwear for both conservative and outgoing racegoers. This range consists of race wear fascinators and hats.

Morgan & Taylor bags: classic evening bags available all year round in the latest colours, materials and shapes

Morgan & Taylor Resort: comfortable and stylish ranges of headwear and accessories that are suited to the resort and beaches

Morgan & Taylor UPF 50+: sun smart range to make sure you’re looking good while protecting your face and neck


The Blake man is young, funky, isn’t afraid to wear something on his head and knows how the right accessories can complete an outfit.

Having been operating since 1995, Blake is a men’s headwear and accessories range that gives a slight nod to classic looks, while blowing them out of the water with on-trend colours, new and exciting styles and edgy modern silhouettes.

By injecting a bit of attitude into the wardrobe of fashion-forward and stylish young men, Blake is a Melbourne-based menswear label that caters to the accessories and needs of Australian men, the country over.

With seasonal must-haves, trendy men’s hats and edgy but timeless accessories such as cufflinks, scarves, pocket squares, braces and ties, Blake is a constantly on-trend and in-demand label for the young men of today.

Headwear products range from the timeless fedora to the cowboy hat, the trendy flat cap and everything in-between, allowing Blake to cater for the style conscious man who’s not afraid to complete an outfit with a unique finishing touch.


Getting caught-up in the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, we’ve got to try to remember to stay relaxed, enjoy life and be casual.

Kazz helps us do that.

A relaxed, stylish and fun label, Kazz brings to Australians a more adventurous, snappy and street-savvy collection of hats and accessories that speak to the more casual attitude in us all.

With stylish hats designed for everyday wear, Kazz’s styles represent a culture that loves the easy life. Whether you’re after a hat for the beach, for coffee in the sun or a beanie for a cold winter’s night, Kazz’s products perfectly cater to your needs.

Having been founded on the principle of trend setting, Kazz employs the latest designs sourced from local and international trends, seasonal colours and exciting prints to set itself apart from the crowd.

While Kazz sticks to a casual atmosphere, quality is of the highest priority with rigid straw and weaving techniques keeping the style and shape of the Kazz design a celebration of modern day fashion accessories.






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